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South Carolina NLRA Poster Requirement

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The NLRA (National Labor Relations Act) poster lets workers know they have the legal right to join a union, form a union or assist a union. The poster also includes information about entering into collective bargaining agreements with the employers, and lists examples of legal and illegal contracts. Displayed along with these examples is the information on how to contact the NLRB (National Relations Labor Board) for questions or complaints.

Every federal contractor in South Carolina must display a NLRA poster. Simply posting the notice electronically isn’t sufficient, either. According to a directive recently released by the U. S. Department of Labor, the employer must also display the physical poster in addition to providing the information online. Companies can obtain the appropriate posters at

All labor law posters, including the NLRA, must be posted where each employee can have access to it. Usually, posters are displayed in an employee break room, on employee bulletin boards or in common work areas. Posters may also be found in Human Resources or personnel offices where other legal notices or employment posters are posted. Inspectors include checking for NLRA posters as part of their routine in on-site compliance inspections when awarding contracts. By prominently displaying the NLRA poster, the employer is in compliance with Executive Order 13496.

If a significant portion of the employees do not speak English, the employer is required by EO 13496 to supply the poster in a language other than English that is understood by employees.

As of June 21, 2010, employers awarded with federal contracts must display specific language that outlines the posting obligations and includes the text of the employee notice. The contract must cite 29 CFR Part 471, Appendix A to Subpart A. In addition to verifying that posters are being displayed, compliance officers have the right to inspect all contracts.


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