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Texas School Visitation Law

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The Texas school visitation law allows employees to take leave for school events, but only those employees who work with the Texas state government.

School visitation laws vary from state to state. Some allow leave for any type of school event. Others offer leave only for disciplinary actions. Among the states that require employers to grant unpaid leave for school visitation are Texas, California, Colorado, Illinois and Nevada.

A few states, like Louisiana and Arkansas, simply recommend employers grant school visitation leave, instead of requiring it.

In California, the state has established two school visitation laws. The first, as mentioned above, provides unpaid time off for parents or guardians to attend disciplinary events such as hearings for suspension. This law applies to employers of all sizes.

The second law applies to companies that employ 25 or more workers. Under this law, parents, guardians and grandparents with custody of children in kindergarten through 12th grade may take up to 8 hours per month, and 40 hours per year to attend classroom events. These events can range from art shows, to school plays to sporting events. The time can also be charged to comp time, vacation time or PTO (Paid Time Off), as long as the worker complies with the company’s leave policies. If both parents work for the same employer, only one is allowed to take leave. Parents and guardians of children in licensed daycare are also entitled to take school visitation leave.

Parents and guardians in Illinois may take up to 8 hours of unpaid leave.

Colorado’s Academic Activities Leave Law allows a parent or guardian of a K-12 student 6 hours of leave per month. Employees are limited to 18 hours per year, and must take the leave in 3 hour increments. Paid leave can be substituted for unpaid time off. Supervisory employees are not eligible under this law, nor are employers with fewer than 50 employees.




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