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Florida Minimum Wage Unchanged in 2011

Posted by Tamara

In November of 2004, the voters of Florida voted for an annual minimum wage adjustment. The increase was to be enacted based on the annual CPI ending in August. That law went into effect on January 1, 2005, raising the state minimum to $5.15 per hour. At that time the Florida minimum wage was higher than the federal minimum wage.

Unlike some of the other states, however, Florida’s minimum wage will not increase on January 1, 2011. It will remain at $7.25 per hours, which is lower than the federal minimum wage. Under the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act), employees who are eligible for both state and federal minimum wages are entitled to the wage which provides the greater benefit. That means that in 2011, those employees will be entitled to the $7.35 per hour federal minimum.

According to an announcement by the state Agency for Workforce Innovation, Florida’s state minimum wage is not expected to change during 2011.

Tipped employees in Florida will still be eligible for a minimum wage of $4.23 per hour. These employees must, however, earn enough tips to average the state minimum of $7.25 per hour per payroll week. If these employees do not earn enough tips to meet that average, the employer must make up the difference in wages.

Florida employers covered under the state minimum wage are required to display both state and federal minimum wage posters. The posters must be placed in a “conspicuous and accessible place in each establishment where these employees work.”

Several states, including Florida, annually adjust the state minimum wage based on inflation. In most of these states, such as Washington and Oregon, the minimum wage can only increase. In Colorado, however, the minimum wage can be reduced during a recession. As a result of economic down-turn, Colorado lowered its minimum in January, 2010.

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