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Colorado Day of Rest Law

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Colorado does not have a law that requires employees to be given one day of rest per week, or a law that limits the number of hours an employee in general industry can be required to work.

Unlike many other states, Colorado does require that employees be paid overtime when working more than 12 hours per day, as well as more than 40 hours per week.

An obscure Colorado law makes it legal to sell boats, snowmobiles and their trailers on Sunday, but illegal to sell cars on that day.

Colorado statute 12-6-302 specifies that new and used car dealerships be closed on Sunday, the “first day of the week.” The establishments can sell gas, tires or do car repairs on Sunday, but cannot sell cars. In addition, miners and smelters can work only 8 hours per day in Colorado.

Colorado firefighters cannot work more than an average of 12 hours per day in any given month, or about 360 hours per month. However, the fire chief is exempted from this law, and it is waived in case of a “conflagration” – a fire – or an emergency. 

Many other states have laws limiting the hours that various employees can work. Arkansas sets limits on work hours in a number of industries, including trucking, laundries and mining. California has perhaps the most elaborate and complex laws. Many states limit the number of hours for truckers, miners and railroad employees. This is because those industries have a history of requiring employees to work long hours, which create a public hazard.

The majority of U.S. states do not require that an employee in general industry be given 8 hours to rest between shifts.

Several states including California and Illinois require that an employee be given one day off every seven days.

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