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Michigan Child Support

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The Michigan Department of Human Services or DHS enforces child support laws in the state. The agency offers free enforcement and assistance to custodial parents, those who must pay court-ordered child support, and parents of children under 18 when one parent does not live with the child.

Persons on public assistance are automatically enrolled for help with child support services when they have a minor child living in the home.

The state will assist Michigan residents in locating parents of minor children, establishing paternity, obtaining a court order for support, collecting and processing child support payments. In Michigan as in most states, child support payments can be withheld from the parent’s paycheck by the DHS if a court order is issued.

The agency also assists non-custodial parents in establishing orders for visitation, custody and parenting time, including co-parenting arrangements. The agency will assist in modifying court support orders where appropriate.

The Michigan DHS does not offer counseling, divorce assistance, mediation, divorce arbitration or legal advice. They do not enforce alimony agreements or court-ordered alimony payments.

The agency will also assist in finding a non-custodial parent who owes child support, at any point in the child support process. The state has a variety of tools available for this task including wage and unemployment records, state income tax records, into on public assistance, motor vehicle registration and driver’s license, workers’ compensation records, disability and death records from Social Security, info from current and previous employers. They can also check information on public assistance, food stamps, law enforcement, probation and parole records.

The Michigan DHS also offers training materials on parental responsibilities for teens and young adults, called R U Ready. (The materials do not include any information on sex education.) The free package includes a PowerPoint presentation and brochure. The information stresses the benefits of having both parents involved in the child’s life, the financial and other responsibilities of parenthood and the realities of being a parent. Materials are available in Spanish and English.



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