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North Dakota Child Support Pilot Program

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The North Dakota Department of Human Services or ND DHS enforces court-ordered child support in the state.

Child Support Enforcement Director Mike Schwindt reports that the agency collected more child support in March 2010 than in any other month so far, collecting $13 million in child support distributed to families in North Dakota, throughout the U.S. and in other countries. Child support payments in March are typically higher, as the state recovers tax refunds from delinquent non-custodial parents.

“More businesses and agencies that make payments to individuals now consider the possibility that recipients might owe child support. They contact our program and this helps us take appropriate collection action,” Schwindt says.

The agency uses a variety of resources to locate parents who owe child support including banks, employment records, federal retirement plans, traffic tickets, insurance and utility records. Enforcement efforts enable the agency to improve life for many North Dakota children.

A pilot program introduced in 2009 provided child support relief for certain non-custodial parents who were laid off through no fault of their own. The program also temporarily reduced child support for employees whose wages were reduced due to fewer hours or a reduction in rate of pay. The program has stepped increases when the parent paying child support returns to work. Job placement assistance was also provided to parents.  

“We urge these parents to contact their caseworker for help in managing their child support obligation through the transition. Our goal is to keep some support flowing to children, while providing help to responsible parents who find themselves in a tough spot,” Schwindt said.

Information about public assistance was also provided to custodial parents whose child support payments were reduced under the program. Anyone with additional questions should contact the North Dakota DHS or go to for more information.

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