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Louisiana Holiday Pay Law

Posted by Tamara

Many employees are surprised to learn that there is no Louisiana holiday pay law. In fact, there is no law requiring employers to give workers paid holidays in any state, or under federal law.

There are no government-sanctioned holidays in the US. The term “federal holidays” merely refers to days when the post office and other government agencies are closed. Many countries have certain holidays on which almost every employer must be closed, by law. In England, for example, Christmas Day is such a holiday. However, the US does not have any such laws.

A Louisiana employer can legally require that employees work any day of the year. The business can be open 365 days per year. Employers are not required to close on any holidays, or to otherwise observe them.

Many Louisiana employers operate 365 days per year out of necessity. Hospitals, hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, fire stations, gas stations and police stations must all be open every day. For this reason, workers in many industries routinely work on holidays.

Other employers may be open on holidays by choice. A retail store or mall can be open on any day, by law. The employer can schedule any worker on the holiday, and discipline or terminate an employee who is absent.

If Louisiana employees work on a holiday, there is no state law that they must be paid a higher wage. Nor is there a federal law that requires employers to pay a premium on holidays. Some employers offer such a benefit as an incentive to workers, but there is no law that the employer must do so.

If a Louisiana employer chooses to close on holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day or Thanksgiving, there is no law that employees must be paid for that day. Under the law, employees must be paid for every hour worked – but there is no law requiring an employer to pay workers for holidays.

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