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The Jury Systems Improvement Act is a federal Act that applies to employees in states across the country, including employees in the state of North Carolina. The purpose of the Act is to ensure that employees can serve on a jury without being discriminated against by the employer for reasons that are directly related to that jury duty service.

Employees need to notify the employer immediately once they learn of the upcoming jury duty service so that the employer can make plans for the employee’s absence from work during the period of service. However, the employer may not discriminate against the employee prior to, during, or after the jury duty service for reasons that are directly related to that service.

Employers should not take the jury duty into consideration when making employment-related decisions about an employee, such as a decision related to promotion, compensation, training, or termination. If an employer is found guilty of discriminating against an employee for reasons related to the jury duty service, the employer could be fined up to $1,000 per instance, per employee. If the employer terminates an employee for reasons related to the service, the employer may have to pay for lost wages and benefits to the employee.

There are some situations in which an employee can postpone jury duty service for person reasons. For example, if an employee has an illness, the employee may be able to postpone the service until a later date. However, the employer cannot coerce or attempt to coerce the employee to postpone jury duty service for any reason.

Employers should also continue to provide employees with normal benefits, such as health care, during the period of service. Employees should be able to return to work at the end of the period of service to have the same job or an equivalent job as well as the same salary and benefits that the employee had prior to taking time off of work for service. CB

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