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The Jury Systems Improvement Act is a federal Act that applies to employers and employees in states across the country. Because it is a federal Act, it may apply to employees in Kentucky. However, the Act only applies once an employee is summoned to work on a jury.

When an employee receives a jury duty summons, the employee should notify the employer of the upcoming jury duty immediately so that the employer can make plans for the employee’s absence from work. The employer may not take the jury duty into consideration when making any employment-related decisions about the employee, such as a decision about compensation or promotion.

Employers should not discriminate against employees that need to serve on a jury duty in any way. This includes termination. If an employer is guilty is discriminating against an employee for servicing on a jury duty, the employer could be fine dup to $1,000 per employee, per instance. Also, if the employer terminates the employee for serving on the jury, the employer could have to pay for lost wages and benefits to the employee.

Employees may be able to postpone jury duty service for their own reasons. For example, if an employee has a planned vacation or an illness, the employee may be able to postpone service. However, the postponement must have nothing to do with coercion or attempted coercion from the employer.

Employers should also ensure that when employees return to work after they have completed their jury duty service, they have the same job, or an equivalent job, as well as the same salary and benefits as the one that they left. Employees should also continue to receive regular benefits, such as health care, during the time that they serve on the jury if they would have normally received those benefits. CB

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