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The Disaster Unemployment Assistance program is a federal program that is administered by the federal government in order to provide employees with financial assistance in the event that they are out of work as a direct result of a disaster, such as a natural disaster. Many types of disasters will qualify for coverage, such as storms, floods and fires.

When an employee can no longer work as a direct result of a qualifying disaster, the DUA program could help to provide financial assistance to the employee for a period of up to 29 months after the period of the disaster. This financial assistance would come from the federal government.

Not all disasters will qualify for DUA coverage. In order for funds to be released through the DUA program, the President of the United States needs to declare that a disaster meets the qualifications for financial assistance to employees. Once these qualifications have been met, the employee could possibly receive funds.

Not all employees will receive funds. For example, employees that are already receiving funds through an unemployment insurance program in any state will not receive DUA funds. Also, the employee needs to meet at least one of the following criteria for coverage:

·         The employee should have been employed at the time of the disaster with every reason to believe that the employment would continue if it had not been for the disaster.

·         The employee could have a contract that was scheduled to begin at the time of the disaster.

·         The employee should be out of work as a direct result of the disaster. For example, the employee needs to have been injured in the disaster. Also, the employee could work for a company that lost its workplace in the disaster so the employee no longer has a place to work. CB

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