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Rehabilitation Act in California

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The Rehabilitation Act is a federal Act that applies to many employees and employers in states across the country, including in the state of California. According to the Act, employers may not discriminate against employees for reasons that are directly related to their disabilities, if employees have a disability. The Act also helps to protect job applicants that are applying for a job with a qualifying company.

The Act does not protect customers or clients of a covered employee. Also, the Act does not protect current employees and job applicants against discrimination that is based on reasons that are unrelated to the disability.

When an employee has a record of having any sort of disability, the employee may qualify for coverage. Both physical and mental disabilities may apply. For example, a physical disability could be a visual impairment. A mental disability could be an addiction. Employers are required to make reasonable accommodations for employees that have disabilities. Therefore, if an employee needs a special computer monitor to help him or view the screen, then the employer should provide such a device without discriminating against the employee for having to do so.

Not all employers are covered by the Act. In order for an employer to receive coverage, he or she must meet one of the following qualifications:

·         Be a federal government agency or contractor in any branch of the government

·         Be a local or state government agency or contractor that receives funds from the federal government and works in any branch of the government

·         Be an educational institution that receives federal funds from the federal government

·         Be a private or public institution that receives funds from the federal government.

If an employer has at least $10,000 in contracts, the employer must take affirmative action to hire workers with disabilities. CB

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