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Posting Requirements in Washington, DC

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Employees in Washington, DC have a right to learn about the labor laws that impact them at work by reviewing labor law posters. These labor law posters should be posted in an area of the workplace that is visible to all employees, such as an employee break room or a public bulletin board. They should never be displayed only in a supervisor’s office, where an employee could be intimidated to review them. Employees also should not be discriminated against for reviewing the information on the labor law posters.

The labor law posters should contain information about the federal labor laws that apply to a particular business as well as the Washington, DC labor laws that apply to a particular business. These labor laws may appear on the same poster or they can appear on separate posters. However, as soon as a labor law changes, the labor law posters should also be changed so that employees learn current information about the labor laws that directly impact them.

Employees should also be able to review labor law posters at all times. If a labor law poster is damaged or removed, the employer should replace the poster immediately.

The Washington, DC labor law posting requirements are as follows:

·         Public Accommodations

·         Discrimination

·         Unemployment Compensation Notice

·         Workers’ Compensation Notice

·         Parental Leave Act

·         Anti-Discrimination

·         Child Labor Laws

·         Minimum Wage Laws

·         Leave of Absence

·         Equality in Education

·         Non-Discrimination for DC Government Employees

And the federal labor laws that should be posted include:

·         2007, 2008, 2009 Federal Minimum Wage

·         USERRA – Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

·         OSHA – Job Safety & Health Protection

·         Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law

·         Employee Polygraph Protection Act

·         Family and Medical Leave Act

·         IRS Withholding Notice

·         Anti-Discrimination Notice

·         Payday Notice CB

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