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Posting Requirements Wisconsin

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Employees in all states across the country should be able to review information about the labor laws that impact them in the workplace. These labor laws should be posted on labor law posters. The posters should then be displayed in the workplace in an area that is visible and accessible to all employees, such as an employee break room or on a public bulletin board.

When an employee wishes to review his or her labor law rights, the employee should be able to read the posters without being discriminated against by the employer. Also, the posters should never be posted in an area that would require that the employee ask permission to access, such as a supervisor’s office.

Both the state and federal labor laws that impact a particular place of work need to be posted on the labor law posters. This information can be on the same labor law posters or it can be divided into two separate posters. However, whenever a labor law changes, the posters need to be updated so that employees have the most accurate information about the labor laws that impact a place of work.

The Wisconsin labor law posting requirements are:

·         Wisconsin Minimum Wage

·         Business Closing/Mass Layoff Law

·         Wisconsin Family/Medical Leave Act

·         Discrimination Notice

·         OSHA – Health and Safety Protection

·         Unemployment Insurance

·         Hours and Times of Day Minors

·         Hazardous Chemicals Right-to-Know

·         Employee Protections Against Use of Honesty Testing

·         Cease of Health Care Benefits Plan

·         Retaliation Protection for Health Care Workers

·         The federal labor laws that should be posted include: 2007, 2008, 2009 Federal Minimum Wage

·         USERRA – Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

·         OSHA – Job Safety & Health Protection

·         Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law

·         Employee Polygraph Protection Act

·         Family and Medical Leave Act

·         IRS Withholding Notice

·         Anti-Discrimination Notice

·         Payday Notice CB

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