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Posting Requirements in Wyoming

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Employees in the state of Wyoming have a right to be able to learn more about the labor laws that impact them by reviewing the labor law posters at work. Employers are required to post labor law posters in an area of the workplace that is visible to all employees, such as an employee break room or a public bulletin board.

The labor law posters should contain both federal and state labor law information that pertains to a particular place of work. however, if there is a labor law that does not pertain to a particular place of work, the employer does not need to post information about it.

When there is a change to any labor law, the labor law posters need to be updated. For example, when the federal minimum wage is increased, that increase needs to be reflected on the labor lw posters.

Employers should also replace the labor law posters if they are damaged or removed from the workplace so that employees always have access to labor law information. In the event that an employee wishes to learn about his or her rights, the employer may not discriminate against the employee for reviewing the labor law posters.

In the state of Wyoming, the following labor laws need to be posted:

·         Wyoming OSHA – Health and Safety Protection

·         Workers’ Compensation

·         Discrimination Notice

·         Wyoming Minimum Wage

·         Unemployment Insurance

·         Child Labor Law

And the federal labor laws that need to be included include the following:

·         2007, 2008, 2009 Federal Minimum Wage

·         USERRA – Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

·         OSHA – Job Safety & Health Protection

·         Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law

·         Employee Polygraph Protection Act

·         Family and Medical Leave Act

·         IRS Withholding Notice

·         Anti-Discrimination Notice

·         Payday Notice CB

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