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Alabama Marriage Laws

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I went looking for the Alabama Marriage Laws on the internet today and was glad to see they were easy to find and understand. Anyone planning to “Tie The Knot” in the state of Alabama should be well educated on the Alabama Marriage Laws. If you are not, then I suggest you read this blog.

One of the Alabama Marriage Laws states that any minor under the age of 18, so long as they have not be married previously, is required to get parental consent to be married. This parent approval can be given in person or in writing, so long as all guidelines are followed completely.

Another of the Alabama Marriage Laws requires a bond of $200, to be payable to the state of Alabama, for any minor married in the state. This bond will be voided if the marriage ends up being lawful and if there is no reason to not celebrate the union.

When it comes to ending a marriage in the state of Alabama, you must be a resident for at least 6 months before you can file for a divorce.

It should also be know that Alabama is a common law state, so common law marriages are recognized. A common law marriage exists so long as the two persons entering into the act are old enough, as state above, to be married, the couple are in agreement that they wish to enter into a union, there is public recognition of the marriage and it has been consummated.

There are many amendments in the works when it comes to the Alabama Marriage Laws. One particular amendment would like to see this state discontinuing common law marriages and making marriage only be recognized when it is between a man and a woman. As there are new developments dealing with the Alabama Marriage Laws, I will try to get back here and update this blog.

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