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Nevada Probate Court

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Nevada, like many other states, does not have a separate Nevada probate court system in place for the sole purpose of handling issues regarding probate laws. However, the state of Nevada does still enact all probate laws. Instead of having a Nevada probate court, the District Court of Nevada handles all issues related to probate laws. The Nevada District Court specifically handles those probate issues that pertain to mental health issues, estate issues, and other juvenile matters. In most cases, the Nevada District Court also allows trials for these probate court cases.

When understanding the law, it is important to be aware of the many different types and levels of law. Not all laws are the same, and the punishment for the violation of all laws is similarly not the same. As such, you should not only be aware of types of laws, but also of the types of punishment that you can expect for certain violations.

Probate laws are civil laws. As such, Nevada probate laws pertain to individual relationships between people that do not generally effect the health and safety of the masses. On the other handle, criminal laws are laws that pertain directly to the health and safety of the population. Criminal laws include those things like laws against murder, violence and destruction of property.

When a probate law is violated, the violated is generally prosecuted in the Nevada probate court or, in this case, the District Court. The probate court system often tries to mediate cases before they go to trial. However, the system does allow juried trials. In situations involving youth, a jury trial is most often avoided, so as to protect the young person.

Nevada probate courts and laws deal with the maintenance of estate issues as well. Probate is actually a term used commonly to describe the period ot time after a person’s death before a person’s will is finalized. Nevada probate courts will monitor this period.

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