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South Carolina Seatbelt Ticket Laws

Posted by Carolyn

Just in case you missed it, South Carolina Seatbelt Laws recently changed.  In a quest to help save more lives, under South Carolina Seatbelt Laws, motorists can now be stopped if an officer sees that they are not wearing their seatbelt.  The new law is a reaction to the number of lives lost in car crashes because the individuals were not wearing their seatbelt.  A large number of fatal injuries occurring from car crashes are sustained when people are ejected from the vehicle they are riding or driving in.

The privilege of driving is one that we often take for granted.  Since most of us drive rather frequently, we tend to overlook how dangerous driving can be.  One of the best ways to keep yourself and your passengers safe is to wear safety belts and South Caorlina Seatbelt Ticket Laws are reinforcing that notion.  Of course, nothing can guarantee that you will not be hurt on any of your trips, but wearing a seatbelt can reduce the odds against you being seriously hurt. 

South Carolina Seatbelt Laws have joined a growing initiative across the nation to gain more seatbelt compliance.  The “click or ticket” law as it is known, forces drivers and passengers to buckle up of take their chances of getting a ticket.  Since it is much easy to simply buckle up than it is to pay fines and spend time being pulled over to the side of the road while the officer writes out the citation, it is believed that more motorists will wear their seatbelts.  If you are ticketed you will be fined twenty-five dollars.  Although twenty-five dollars is not a lot of money, it could add up if you continuously drive without your seatbelt.  Under South Carolina Seatbelt Laws, at this time, if your car was manufactured before seatbelts were in every vehicle, you are exempt from this law.

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