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Oklahoma Seatbelt Ticket Laws

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Under Oklahoma Seatbelt Ticket Laws not wearing your seatbelt is a primary offense.  That means you can be stopped and ticketed without committing another violation.  This law is a response to the overwhelming number of unbelted traffic fatalities that have occurred over the past few years.  The goal is to save lives and make the roads safer for all drivers and passengers.

The privilege of driving is one that we often take for granted.  Since most of us drive rather frequently, we tend to overlook how dangerous driving can be.  One of the best ways to keep yourself and your passengers safe is to wear safety belts.  Of course, nothing can guarantee that you will not be hurt on any of your trips, but wearing a seatbelt can reduce the odds against you being seriously hurt.  Especially since being ejected from a vehicle is one of the major ways that drivers and passengers get fatal injuries in motor vehicle accidents.  Oklahoma Seatbelt Ticket Laws recognize the importance of seatbelts and are working to help keep more people safe by enforcing this law.

Under Oklahoma Seatbelt Laws, all occupants thirteen and over that are in the front seat of a motor vehicle must wear a seatbelt.  All children under thirteen must be secure in a child safety seat or in a seatbelt, depending on their age and weight.  The infant or child safety seat must meet federal standards.  It is best that children under thirteen always ride  in the backseat, although this is not law.  Under Oklahoma Seatbelt Laws, your seatbelts must be factory installed and worn, properly, at all times.

Fines for not wearing your seatbelt can range from twenty-five to one hundred dollars for first time offenders, according to Oklahoma Seatbelt Ticket Laws.  With this in mind, it is best to just buckle up.  For safety, and to keep your money in your pocket.  

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