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West Virginia Business Corporate Laws

Posted by Patrick

If you have decided to become a business owner in West Virginia, congratulations! That is a big step! However, before you open a business or corporation in the state of West Virginia, you should be well versed in the West Virginia Business Corporate Laws.

These laws have been created to protect those who own the business as well as those who are working there. Although you can find West Virginia Business Corporate Laws online, I would suggest going to a bookstore or local library for works dealing specifically with opening a business in your state. These books will give you overviews of all the West Virginia Business Corporate Laws in language that is much easier to understand.

As with any legal issue, consulting a lawyer or a legal consultant may be a way to go. With so many West Virginia Business Corporate Laws to wade through, having a professional who knows about these laws and works with them for a living can only be beneficial. Although this could get costly, it may save you money down the road on lawsuits or other legal issues.

When beginning a business, the first item on the agenda will be to give it a name. Whether you open a corporation or a LLC (Limited Liability Company), your business needs to register its name with the state. If another corporation or LLC has the same name, or a name so similar that a person could confuse the two, you will be required to choose an alternate name.

Even when a business name is available in your state, it may not be available throughout the country. Part or all of the name chosen may violate other laws or the name you have chosen may contain part of a trademark or servicemark already in use. Be careful when you are choosing your business name so that it is original and unique.

Even though it can take a great deal of time, doing your research on the West Virginia Business Corporate Laws before you open a business will be worth the time and effort.

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