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Virginia Seatbelt Ticket Laws

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Driving is a valuable privilege that should not be taken for granted.  It also can be extremely dangerous if you do not take the proper precautions to protect yourself.  Wearing a seatbelt is one way to try to keep passengers and yourself safe.  Also, as seatbelts continue to be proven to be highly effective in saving lives in car crashes, more states are adopting seat belt ticket laws.  With that in mind it is important for all motorists to be familiar with Virginia Seatbelt Ticket Laws before they hit the road.  Being informed may save you from getting tickets and more importantly, may save a life.

According to Virginia Seatbelt Ticket Laws, all front seat occupants over the age of sixteen must wear a safety belt system device of some sorts, at all times when the motor vehicle is in operation on any public highway.  Children under the age of 16 must be in child safety seats, booster seats or, if they are old enough and make certain weight requirements, must be in seatbelts.  Violation of this law will result in a civil penalty of twenty-five dollar.  The money is given to the state Literary Fund.  Under Virginia Seatbelt Ticket Laws, no points will be assessed to your license.

According to Virginia Seatbelt Ticket Laws, the seatbelt ticket is a secondary offense.  Meaning that you cannot be issued a seatbelt ticket violation unless you have been stopped for another offense.  That means that getting a seatbelt ticket will be hard if you are obeying all other traffic and vehicle laws.  The governing bodies of cities with populations between 66,000 and 67,000 has the opportunity to make seatbelt systems a requirement.  You should pay close attention to legislation concerning Virginia Seatbelt Ticket Laws because many states have recently enacted primary seatbelt laws that allow officers to stop and ticket drivers for not wearing their seatbelt.


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