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South Dakota Seatbelt Ticket Laws

Posted by Carolyn

There are several reasons why you should know some South Dakota Seatbelt Ticket Laws.  The privilege of driving is one that we often take for granted.  Since most of us drive rather frequently, we tend to overlook how dangerous driving can be.  One of the best ways to keep yourself and your passengers safe is to wear safety belts.  Of course, nothing can guarantee that you will not be hurt on any of your trips, but wearing a seatbelt can reduce the odds against you being seriously hurt.  Especially since being ejected from a vehicle is one of the major ways that drivers and passengers get fatal injuries in motor vehicle accidents.  Even though South Dakota Seatbelt Ticket Laws do not allow officers to pull over motorists for not wearing their seatbelt, you might want to consider wearing one regardless.  South Dakota can be a dangerous place to drive due to the isolated, winding roads that make up part of the state.

Under South Dakota passengers between the age of fourteen and eighteen must wear seatbelts.  Children between the ages of five and eighteen must wear seatbelts.  It is your responsibility as the driver to make sure that all passengers between five and eighteen wear seatbelts.

According to South Dakota Seatbelt Ticket Laws, drivers age fourteen to eighteen must wear a properly adjusted seatbelt when driving.  Violation of any of these offenses is a petty offense.  Under South Dakota Seatbelt Ticket Laws, the seatbelt ticket can only be given after you have been pulled over for another offense.  Making the seatbelt ticket a secondary offense.  Even though South Dakota Seatbelt Ticket Laws are some what relaxed at this time, it is important to pay attention to legislation.  Many states have recently adopted a primary seatbelt ticket law to improve seatbelt compliance.


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