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Idaho Holiday Pay Laws

Posted by Maya

For the sakes of employers and employees in Idaho, let’s take a look at the laws governing holiday pay in that state.

Compared to other states, Idaho offers remarkably little protection to employees under the law. In Idaho, you are not legally entitled to breaks, no matter how long your shift is, and your employer may fire you at any time, without just cause, as long as the firing is not the result of discrimination. Your employer may also lower your wages at any time for any reason other than discrimination. Not surprisingly, Idaho’s minimum wage stands at the national requirement of $5.15 an hour, though employees under the age of 20 can be paid $4.25 an hour for up to 90 days. Also not surprisingly, Idaho does not insist employers offer any kind of holiday pay program, as the US Department of Labor does not require then to do so. If you work on a holiday, you are not legally entitled to any bonus pay, unless your shift causes you to work more than 40 hours on seven consecutive days. In that case, you are legally entitled to overtime pay, at a rate of your company’s discretion. Additionally, if you miss a shift because your business was closed for the holiday, your employer is not required to compensate you.

If you refuse to work a holiday without bonus pay, your employer is legally entitled to discipline or fire you without notice. If you quit your job over a holiday dispute, your employer is not legally obligated to allow you to work out your notice period, or to pay you for that notice period. Understand your company’s holiday policy when you take the job, and by all mean, get it in writing. Alert your employer to any days you will have to miss for religious obligations up front.

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