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Federal Parking Ticket Laws

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Parking laws are almost exclusively the forte of state and local governments; the federal government is almost never involved in making blanket parking legislation. There are a few exceptions, however, and you CAN receive a federal parking ticket.

One demand the federal government makes of the states is that they have special disabled parking laws. Each state, and in some states, each local government, can determine the fines and penalties for violating federal parking law, and some of the requirements citizens must meet to qualify disabled parking privileges. Tickets given for parking illegally in a disabled space are given at the local level and the fines are collected at the local level. Failure to have some kind of disabled parking program, however, would be a violation of federal law.

Though tickets for parking illegally in a disabled space are local tickets, federal parking tickets are out there. You receive federal parking tickets for parking illegally on federal property. These properties include national forests and parks, national historical sites, federal government and administration buildings (including post offices), and embassy/consular offices.  Common offenses include parking in a no parking zone, parking in a loading zone, or parking in reserved spaces. Federal parking laws have been enforced more strictly than ever in the wake of 9/11, especially around federal buildings. Security measures dictate that parked cars should remain a certain distance from buildings and that cars cannot be parked in loading zones, even briefly under any circumstances. Additionally, there are more personnel on duty enforcing these measures.

Fines for federal parking tickets start around $50 and vary depending on location and violation. The ticket will include information on paying the fine by mail or online, and information on how to dispute the ticket. Fighting federal parking tickets is notoriously difficult, because of the layer of bureaucracy involved. If you choose to fight your ticket, it may be worthwhile to have a lawyer handle your case.

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