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West Virginia Speeding Ticket Laws

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Getting speeding tickets can be a huge burden financially.  Between appearances in traffic court and heavy fines, it is best to avoid getting tickets at all cost.  The best way to do that is to know something about West Virginia Speeding Ticket Laws.  It is your responsibility under West Virginia Speeding Ticket Laws to drive at a rate of speed that is reasonable and prudent according to the potential and actual conditions that are present.  You must be in control of the rate of speed of your motor vehicle at all times.  West Virginia Speeding Ticket Laws require that you drive at a speed that allows you to avoid colliding with other vehicles, people or conveyance entering or on the highway.

The speed limit in a residential or business area is twenty-five miles per hour.  In a school zone, which includes the school grounds and any area one hundred and twenty feet around the school, the speed limit is fifteen miles per hour when students are at recess, or are entering of leaving the school.  When you are driving on most open country roads, the speed limit is fifty-five miles per hour.  West Virginia Speeding Ticket Laws state that you must adjust your rate of speed when you are approaching a hill crest, curve or driving on a narrow and winding road.  Controlled access highways require a lower rate of speed that will not be less than fifty-five mile per hour.  Anyone that is convicted of such speeding violations will be guilty of a misdemeanor and assessed a fee of one hundred dollars.  If you violate these provisions a second time, West Virginia Speeding Ticket Laws will impose a fine of two hundred dollars or less.  If you are convicted of speeding a third time, you could pay up to five hundred dollars.

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