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Oregon traffic laws

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Oregon traffic laws were written for more than one reason. These laws were written to help promote safety and to help establish order on the streets of Oregon. In addition, traffic laws of Oregon were established to make people aware of all the dangers and consequences of unsafe driving practices.

Unlike most other states, Oregon traffic laws do not have a specific penalty point system that they use to aid in keeping track of traffic violations. However, this does not mean that the state of Oregon takes the practice of driving very lightly. They still keep track of all traffic offenses and make judgments regarding the consequences for repeat traffic offenders.

Certain Oregon traffic laws include guidelines on driving safe speeds, as well as on safe passing and safe parking. Moreover, these laws help regulate the standard of vehicle safety, such as making sure all drivers carry auto insurance.

There are way too many specific Oregon traffic laws to list in this short article. However, one topic regarding Oregon driving regulations not been mentioned above is another one that many drivers need to learn more about.

This is the topic of yielding the right-of-way to other drivers or pedestrians. Each specific guideline regarding being courteous to other drivers and of taking turns at intersections applies to a particular scenario. For instance, drivers turning right must make sure all pedestrians have crossed the street; otherwise they could run the risk of injuring or killing someone.

Serious consequences could result from not following any one or more than one Oregon traffic laws. For instance, a person’s insurance rates could increase, or a person could lose the privilege to drive. In addition, they may be required to pay out huge money for traffic fines. Again, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, someone could also get seriously injured, or even get killed if people do not obey all traffic laws.

If drivers know and understand Oregon traffic laws they will help decrease the probability of an accident. In addition, they will be able to avoid all the consequences of driving recklessly. All residents and non-residents are required to obey all Oregon traffic laws.

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