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Washington License Plate Laws

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If you are new to Washington, or even if you are a lifetime resident you should be aware of some of the traffic laws in the state. This includes Washington license plate laws. These laws govern the registration of, issuance and display of license plates. Before you can receive valid license plates, and the law requires that most vehicles, including passenger cars and trucks have two you must first title and register your vehicle. If you have moved from another state you must show the out of state title and pay all applicable fees, you have 30 days to title and register your vehicle and get Washington plates. The standard license plate fee is $30. 

Washington license plate laws also state that if you sell or trade your vehicle you may transfer your vehicle plates to a new one as long as it is registered in the State and is titled and registered in your name. If your vehicle license plates have been lost or damaged, there is a fee involved but you should replace them as soon as possible. If not you may be subject to more fines or penalties for breaking the law. You are required to obtain new license plates every seven years. 

Washington license plate laws allow for personalized or vanity plates meeting certain criteria. They must have between one and seven characters, including letters, hyphens, and spaces, they must be original and cannot contain offensive material.. Personalized plates in Washington support the state’s Wildlife Diversity Program. They cost $47.75 at the time of purchase and $30 with each renewal. Personalized or vanity plates are not currently allowed for any of the special plates that the state offers but this is scheduled to change in March 2007 and will most likely bring about new legislation. 

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