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Tennessee Criminal Laws

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Tennessee criminal laws are the laws within the state of Tennessee that help to establish order within the state. A criminal law is a unique type of law within the legal system. As such, criminal laws should be thoroughly understood by everyone that is affected by them.

The U.S. legal system is composed of a number of different types of laws and legal statutes. Tennessee criminal laws are the laws that pertain to every citizen and are tried in the District, State Supreme and Federal Supreme courts. The Tennessee criminal laws are further effective because they protect the rights of private citizens, such as the rights against violence, murder and harm.

Tennessee criminal laws are invented and outlined by the state. The punishment for individuals that violated the laws are also outlined by the state. Furthermore, the state serves as the prosecution in the event that the criminal law is violated. As such, the state takes a proactive role to preserve the health and safety of its residents.

It should be known that while there are thousands of always that apply to all citizens, the laws that pertain particularly to individuals within a state in most cases are only criminal laws and civil laws. Civil laws, unlike criminal laws, protect the relationships between individuals. A civil law, for example, will protect two people that enter into a contractual agreement. The civil laws are punishable in a civil court whereas a criminal law is punishable in a criminal court, such as a district court, state supreme court or federal supreme court.

The same crime can be tried by two different courts on occasion. For example, in the event that there is a murder, the state will try to suspect in the criminal courts. In such a case, the state serves as the prosecution. The family of the victim can also sue in the civil court. Both courts may rule differently, but both rulings are upheld.

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