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Arizona Speeding Ticket Laws

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All operators of motor vehicles should be familiar with at least some Arizona Speeding Ticket Laws.  Motorists are prohibited from driving at speeds that are not reasonable or prudent on highways.  It is your responsibility to control your vehicle speed and be mindful of other drivers and pedestrians.  Under Arizona Speeding Ticket Laws you are speeding if you are going faster than the following speed limits. You may not travel more than 15 miles per hour when approaching a school crossing.  The speed limit when nearing a business or residential area is 25 miles per hour.  In all other locations the speed limit is 65 miles per hour unless there is another posted speed limit.

However, Arizona Speeding Ticket Laws state the no matter what the posted speed limit is, you will need to adjust your speed to the current conditions.  Therefore, if you are approaching a hill crest, school area, crossing an intersection, traveling a narrow road or in bad weather, you are responsible for adjusting your speed to a prudent and reasonable rate.  Under Arizona Speeding Ticket Laws, if you acquire an out-of-state speeding ticket for violating a posted 55 miles per hour speed limit, and the rate you were traveling was below 65 miles per hour, the ticket will not be included in determining if your license should be suspended.  Arizona Speeding Ticket Laws also prohibit insurers from increasing rates of insurance or denying the renewal of a policy because of such out-of-state tickets.

Arizona Speeding Ticket Laws require drivers to drive the rate of speed allowed by traffic control devices in a highway construction work zone even when workers are not present.  If you are caught driving over the rate of speed allowed by traffic control devices in a highway construction zone where workers are present, you will receive a civil penalty.  In addition to the civil penalty, Arizona Speeding Ticket Laws also tack on assessment fees for speeding in zones where workers are present.  Failure to pay these fines can result in your license being suspended or revoked.

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